Teacher jobs in limbo, finances readjusted

During Monday's meeting, Dougherty County School Board members voted to postpone the re-appointment of teachers and staff.

"We may have some reductions in force or we may have too many teachers at one school and not enough at another and we've got to get our numbers together and get them placed and then let everybody know whether you have a job or you don't have one," said Dr. David Mosley, Dougherty County School Superintendent.

Dr. Mosley says there is a possibility that some could be let go but they'll have to see where there's need for adjustment. School officials are adjusting their finances to balance the budget.

School board members are under deadline to come up with a plan by the end of the week.

Those who don't receive a letter of termination will have a job next year.

Also in the meeting, Dougherty County Board of Education members voted and sealed the fate for a teacher accused in a child pornography case.

Brian Brannen has now officially been terminated from the Dougherty County School System.

Last week, a tribunal voted unanimously in support of Dougherty County's request to fire Brannen.