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      Taxpayers subsidizing state for prisoners

      Dougherty County Jail director Col. John Ostrander of the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office attends the finance meeting.

      Some interesting numbers coming out of the Dougherty County Finance Committee meeting Monday.

      A million dollars in taxpayer money is going to subsidize the state of Georgia.

      That money--going to support state prisoners staying in our county jail.

      According to jail officials, it takes $43 a day to support one state prisoner.

      What we face at the jail is we have prisoners who are convicted to go off to a state prison, but until there's bed space, they remain at the county jail, says Jail Director Col. John Ostrander.

      The state reimburses the jail, but only at $22 a day, meaning the taxpayers have to absorb that $20 difference.

      State prisoners make up about 13% of jail inmates"which is down from 16% the year before. The Department of Corrections has been very instrumental in aiding the Sheriff TMs Office in that endeavor.