Taxpayers subsidizing state for prisoners

      Some interesting numbers coming out of the Dougherty County Finance Committee meeting Monday.

      A million dollars in taxpayer money is going to subsidize the state of Georgia.

      That money--going to support state prisoners staying in our county jail.

      According to jail officials, it takes $43 a day to support one state prisoner.

      "What we face at the jail is we have prisoners who are convicted to go off to a state prison, but until there's bed space, they remain at the county jail," says Jail Director Col. John Ostrander.

      The state reimburses the jail, but only at $22 a day, meaning the taxpayers have to absorb that $20 difference.

      State prisoners make up about 13% of jail inmatesâ"which is down from 16% the year before. The Department of Corrections has been very instrumental in aiding the Sheriff's Office in that endeavor.