Taxes topic of discussion for Albany City Commission

Taxes were the topic of Tuesday morning's Albany City Commission meeting.

The taxes being discussed were the occupational tax and the motel and hotel tax.

Commissioners discussed raising the minimum occupational tax from $100 to $150 dollars. One of the issues behind considering the increase is that the city is seeing an increase in costs just like most businesses.

"What we hope is everyone understands that the cities expenses have also gone up, it takes people it takes paper, it takes postage, and all those things have increased for us just as they have for everybody else," explains Albany's Finance Director, Kris Newton.

The occupational tax will be voted on at the next night meeting as they did not have enough commissioners at the meeting for a final vote with three in favor and two against.

The motel and hotel tax increase from seven to eight percent discussed at a previous November meeting continued to be debated as to where the new funds should go. Some commissioners mentioned the Civic Center, while others wanted to see the funds dispersed across multiple entities. Commissioners will continue to discuss where to use the funds before bringing the increase to a vote.

The Hotel-Motel Tax will also be voted on at next Tuesday's meeting.