Tax Assessors Chairman wants fair share audits

Monday morning William Ashberry , Chairman of the Dougherty County Board of Tax Assessors, requested that the Dougherty County Board of Commissioners supply funds to audit communication towers.

Ashberry says officials with the county's tax assessor's office don't have the qualifications and skills to perform the audit; therefore, they will have to hire someone at a price more than $120,000.

There are 64 communication towers in Dougherty County. The chairman of the board of tax assessors says auditing the towers would ensure that all companies are providing rates at market value and they are paying their fair share of taxes.

Ashberry says he's not accusing the cell phone companies of wrong doing, but he recognizes mistakes sometimes happen and they want to make sure what they report is accurate.

While commissioners look to funds for a cell tower audit, they're also considering several studies to see where funds could be saved.

"We have to renew our contract this coming year with the city of Albany. The do our fire protection for us and we have to do the fire study so that we all can get together on the charges. That study has to be done and we're going to do that Jack Stone, Dougherty County Commissioner.

No final decisions were made on either matter during work session.