Tanker overturns, leaving driver pinned inside

Firefighters hosed down the carrier to keep the hot, liquid asphalt cool

FOX 31 was first on the scene of an overturned tanker at the on ramp of Highway 82 at Slappey Boulevard.

Emergency crews began using the Jaws of Life to help free the driver, Solomon Breedlove, 63, who was pinned inside of the asphalt carrier. They got the driver out at approximately 8:30 a.m. Officials say he was sent to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital with visible injuries.

"Due to the construction of these cabs on these tractor trailers, it's a lot of fiber glass and metal that we are having to deal with," said Albany Fire Department Batt. Chief Kelly Harcrow. "The position he was in, his arm was trapped underneath him. We had to actually lift the cab some and then cut the roof completely off of the vehicle."

Officials say Breedlove is a 15-year employee of Oxford Construction Company. They say Breedlove was on his way to an Oxford site on Washington Street when the tanker overturned shortly after 7 a.m.

"I did talk with the owner of Oxford: They already have a plan in place to make sure the truck is going to be transported properly," says APD Media Manger Phyllis Banks. "The main thing is once we get him out, they're going to turn the truck right side up, and then get what he's hauling over to their site on Washington."

Firefighters were working throughout the morning to keep the 350-degree hot, liquid asphalt in the tanker cool by hosing down the carrier. The hot asphalt was not flammable, according to officials.

Police said the driver was driving too fast when he tried to enter the highway, causing his truck to overturn. Charges are pending further investigation.

Stay connected to FOX 31 News and for more details as they are made available.

FOX 31's Allen Carter contributed to this story.

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