Tampa company wins airport construction bid

Aviation Commission awards bid for the new terminal building construction. / Jessica Fairley

First Update (12/13/11 2:30 PM)

In an email to Fox 31, David Hanson said that "we are excited about working on the Albany terminal project and bringing our airport experience to SW Georgia. Our last major airport project in your general area was the new terminal and related facilities at Panama City (NW FL Beaches International)."

You can view more of their work at their website.

Initial Story
The Albany-Dougherty County Aviation Commission hasannounced the winner of the new terminal construction bid.

Walbridge Aldinger out of Tampa, Florida has been awarded the $10.7 million dollar contract.

Initially the commission had sought to hire Manhattan RFB, however a subcontractor under the company wasn't licensed in the state of Georgia to perform low voltage construction work.

Because they couldn't meet the requirements, the commission had to go with the second lowest bidder.

Now the decision will go to the Dougherty County Board of Commissioners for approval.

"Assuming that it gets approved at both of those venues then we look forward to signing contracts and getting it underway," said Southwest Regional Airport Director Yvette Aehle.

Airport officials hope to get construction underway as early as February.

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