Talks of change at DCSS

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The Dougherty County School System held a meeting Friday afternoon to talk about Dr. David Mosely's new contract, personnel, and programs with the Sheriff's office.

Dr. Mosely, the interim superintendent, had meetings in Atlanta the past two days that resulted in Mosely being able to stay with DCSS for nine more months.

Mosely's new contract says he will now work as part-time (49% of the time) but will keep the same salary.

Also during the meeting the board decided to re-classify J.C Phillips, with the Dougherty County School Police, as Chief Investigator rather than Assistant Chief of Police. Prior to this he was acting as both and the board felt it would benefit the department and Phillips to give him just one title and less duties. The board was very clear that this is not a demotion, it's just a change of title with no decrease in pay.

The last big topic of discussion was with the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff and two officers came to the meeting to present the various programs they have involving DCSS students. The reason they work with students is to give them positive role models and help them make good decisions so they don't end up in prison.

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