Tag readers raise revenue and save lives

Albany Police Officer Robert Ausby, Jr. on the road. / Jessica Fairley

Albany's purchase of license plate readers is paying off for the city.

Police are catching the criminals while raising revenue.

The Police Department Civilian Review Board took a lesson Wednesday to find out just how the tag readers work.

During checks, police not only read car tags but they also check for window tint violations, speeding violations, and seat belt violations.

The devices have also helped police catch criminals and save lives, like the case of one woman who went missing.

"They checked to see if her tag had been read anywhere at all in the past several months prior to that missing person's report and they found that it had been read several times are this particular apartment complex," said Major Russell Barnes, Albany Police Department.

The woman was found dehydrated.

There has been some controversy about privacy violations when it comes to the tag readers.

Police say there is no way to know who the tags belongs to unless your name is in the system for a violation.