Tag reader busts man wanted by US Marshals in Dawson

42-year-old Patrick Clark has been charged with two counts of possession of stolen property. / Terrell County Jail

Thanks to the Dawson Police Department's tag readers, a man wanted for the last year by the United States Marshals Service has been caught.

Police officials say that officer Thomas Stewart was operating the reader Saturday when he received an alert that a vehicle, a black in color 2008 Land Rover that had passed him, was displaying a stolen tag. Upon further investigation, the tag came back stolen again and Stewart requested assistance.

Once Sergeant Keith Moncus got into the area, a traffic stop was initiated. Once the Land Rover come to a stop in the Dawson Boomerang parking lot, the passenger who was later identified as 31-year-old Mathew Bond, made a run for it. Steward gave chase while Moncus stayed with the vehicle's driver, 42-year-old Patrick Clark. After a brief pursuit in a wooded area, Bond was arrested. Bond told officers he ran because he thought there might be a warrant out for him in Michigan. After investigating the claim, officers say there was no Michigan warrant for Bond.

After catching Bond, the officers then investigated the vehicle and tag, and the car was stolen from Alabama about a month ago. Once Bond and Clark were transported to the Dawson Police Department, Investigator Gene Shattles questioned Clark about the vehicle. Clark told Shattles that he had used to the vehicle to travel to Michigan where he picked up Bond and a female, then took the female to Arizona. Clark went on to say that he had told Bond the vehicle was stolen, only after he saw the Dawson police car behind them.

Clark has been charged with two counts of possession of stolen property while Bond has been charged with obstruction. After being transported to the Terrell County Jail, the US Marshals Service contacted Dawson Police as they had an active warrant for Clark. He will be turned over to the Marshals after his case in Dawson is adjudicated.

Dawson Police Chief Charlie Whitehead said "the officers involved in this case are an example of the good work that can be done when top-flight officers are paired with effective technology. The technology cannot do it by itself, it takes the right personnel to operate and interpreted the data."

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