Symphony conductor claims assault to hide sexual act

Camilla Police responded to a call Wednesday night which resulted in the conductor of the Albany Symphony Orchestra being arrested while wearing nothing but a towel.

According to Detective Robert Casterline the police report says the department received a call about two people acting suspiciously by the AT&T building on South Scott Street. When police arrived to check on the call - they found nothing but clothing that had been cut. Another call came into the department from a Claire Hillard on South Butler Street claiming he was assaulted by two black men. "The report says he told the officers that responded that he was at the Shell gas station when two black males with guns forced him to drive to a rear parking lot, cut off his clothes, took his keys, then took off" says Casterline. Officials say he later recanted that story after questioning and told police a different story.

The second explanation Hillard gave to police according to the report is that he was at a party in Thomasville and agreed to meet a white woman in Camilla for sexual intercourse. The reason his clothes were cut was because of the sexual act. Police say no alcohol was involved, and no gasoline was on his clothing.

Hillard was arrested and charged with loitering and prowling.