Sylvester to hold vote on "Sunday Sales"

If you're looking to buy alcohol on a Sunday, the City of Sylvester isn't the place to be, however that may soon be changing as a vote to allow Sunday sales will be held next week. For the city it's more than a chance to increase revenue, it's about economic development.

Sylvester Councilman Larry Johnson says that if you have it where you can sell alcohol, your industries will come in, your large motels even your restaurant chains.

Current businesses, like Fresco Italiano in Downtown Sylvester, say Sunday sales could open up some unique opportunities like opening up for Mother's and Father's day, "It would encourage people to come to Sylvester to put money back into Sylvester instead of going to somewhere like Albany where you can do that on Sundays," said Justin Sexton with Fresco Italiano.

The City Council unanimously voted in June 2012 to have Sunday sales placed on in the November election but, for whatever reason, it didn't make it on the ballot. So they decided to hold a special election on March 19th to put the final decision in the hands of the voters.

While some say it would be nice to not have to travel to buy alcohol on Sundays, others feel it's a bad idea.

"We don't need that in this town, this is a good town here in Sylvester and we want to keep it that way," said Sylvester resident William Fox

Saturday is the final day for early voting on "Sunday Sales" as the actual Election Day is Tuesday, March 19.

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