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      Sylvester residents support Housing Authority Director

      Residents packed the room at the Sylvester Housing Authority Board meeting Monday night to show their support for executive director Steve Bennett.

      Bennett's job was the main subject of the meeting after he failed to file the paperwork and return the money used for business expenses.

      Bennett says it was irresponsible on his part but he pushed it off because he is taking care of some personal issues at home.

      Board member Jean Brooks said the board took an oath to properly use federal funds and they are going against their word by allowing Bennett to turn in the money late.

      Members of public housing disagreed however saying Bennett is an honest man who has gone above and beyond to ensure residents are taken care of.

      Public housing resident Vontresia Hope says Bennett has proven he has the best interests of the public at heart and should be able to continue in his position.

      The board will vote on whether or not Bennett will continue his role as Executive Director.