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      Sylvester residents divided over new Wal-Mart

      In the upcoming months the 7 acres of land at the corner of Highway 82 and Seabrook Road in Sylvester will begin to take shape as Wal-Mart, and on Thursday evening residents had a chance to voice their opinions on the store TMs arrival.

      "The little business person cannot compete price-wise with Wal-Mart. We cannot buy in the volume that they buy in, therefore we cannot sell it for the price they sell it," said Jacky Clayton, who owns a small flower shop with her family.

      "A lot of people have lost their jobs due to the fact that their stores have had to close because of Wal-Mart being such a big business and they can't compete," said Marie Hudson.

      However, residents like Willie Currington say they believe the benefits a large retailer can bring outweigh the cons.

      "Wal-Mart's going to bring in extra tax dollars for the county and for the city and everything and also bring in jobs," said Currington.

      Worth County Economic Development Authority Chairman, Daniel Nesbit, says the store will bring in 75 jobs. Many were in favor of Nesbit and the board's decision to allow Wal-Mart to purchase the land earlier this month, something he says may actually promote locals staying local instead of driving nearly two dozen miles to the closest Wal-Mart.

      Despite their differing opinions, everyone agrees that the process has already begun and now they TMll have to wait and see how the store TMs presence will affect the area.