Sylvester police investigating overnight armed robbery and stolen magnum

Sergeant Investigator Kenneth Washington says two men broke into room 131 of the Worth Inn around 3 a.m. Thursday and robbed the two occupants at gunpoint. / Colby Gallagher

Angelic Howard and Kevin Hooks were in their room at the Worth Inn in Sylvester when someone knocked on their door. Before the two 25-year-olds could react, two man broke in - one pointing a handgun.

"He pulled a gun to her head and told her to get on the floor and she complied with him. As she did that, the other subject that was there went into her pocketbook and removed cash from her pocketbook," said Sergeant Investigator, Kenneth Washington.

A single shot was fired during the robbery but no one was hit. The men ran out and drove away with the cash - now the police needs your help locating them.

In an unrelated case, the Sylvester Police Department also needs help locating a stolen gun taken from 106 Houston Street on July 31st.

"Thieves entered the back of the residence by breaking a glass window to enter the premises of a private home. While inside the home they stole a handgun," said Washington.

A 357 Magnum to be exact. Now the police are trying to get that gun off the streets before it's sold - but they have faith in the local pawn shops who cooperate with law enforcement by periodically turning over their receipts.

"They keep us safe and we keep them safe. It's a big circle and everybody plays their part. We end up usually catching the guns or whatever it might be, stolen property, and they help the person who was stole from to get it back to them," said Mega Pawn Manager, Andy Aumsbaugh.

Both Washington and Aumbsaugh say this partnership ensures harmful weapons stay out of the wrong hands. If you have any information on either case, contact the Sylvester Police Department at 229-776-8500.

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