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      SWGA weighs in on the pending doom known as the sequester

      The clock has run out, the sequester is here. The mandated $85 billion dollars in cuts to the federal budget will start to take effect Friday.The White House has already released a document on how Georgia will be impacted, but the feelings toward these cuts are mixed throughout the southwest part of the state."I think they're bogus and trumped up," said one man getting gas in West Albany, the lady at the pump next to him didn't mirror his feelings, "Yes they're concerning, but like I said I believe that they will come up with a resolution like they always do."But some people aren't as optimistic, and see cuts like the possible $28 million dollars to primary and secondary education as something to worry about."First of all education is something that is truly needed, for them to cut that is like say who cares about the future," said concerned citizen Phillip Bryant.Others, like retired US military member Ronnie Tate are concerned about programs that benefit senior citizens, " I think (about) the meals on wheels and some of the senior citizens, you know some of them depend on it."Tate also feels it's going to take people seeing the cuts in action before the government takes action, "After you start furloughing people and laying people off, people will get mad and start picking up the telephone and calling Washington DC and calling their congressman and senators maybe they'll get some reaction."Experts do say the effects probably won TMt be felt immediately, as the cuts should take some time to phase in.

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