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      Sweeping the streets of Lee County

      Lee County Code Enforcement officers spent Friday morning out "sweeping" the streets.

      As of noon they handed out over 100 warnings in the Winding Way area of Lee County. The warnings are for trash in the yard, debris in the yard, trash cans in the right of way, junk cars, and tall grass.

      Ben Roberts with Lee County Code Enforcement says the area this year isn't as bad compared to what it looked like last year, but there is definitely work to be done. Right now they're just posting warning signs, but if they have to come back, the homeowner will receive a citation.

      FOX 31 also spoke to residents in the area to see how they felt about the "sweep." One homeowner said he felt blindsided by the warning posted on his trashcan. He didn't understand what he was doing wrong and felt he deserved a phone call with an explanation. Another homeowner, however, felt the sweep was necessary. He told FOX 31 that the area needs to look clean to maintain a good reputation.