SWAT Team stand-off

A metro SWAT team was called to a home where Johnson locked himself inside a bedroom

Updated at 10:10 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 19

An investigation continues after a SWAT team was called out to a Victory Lane home Wednesday evening.

Dougherty County police say Jackie Lee Johnson, 21, went to a home on James Cross Street to see his girlfriend and their child. Police say the girlfriend's stepfather told Johnson to leave, and that's when they say Johnson went to the street and fired a gun into the air.

Johnson was arrested after locking himself in the Victory Lane home for four hours, according to DCP.

Chief Don Cheek said Wednesday night they did not locate the gun used in this incident; investigators say they cannot release if they found the firearm or not.

They say the investigation remains still ongoing.

Original Story

A 21-year-old is arrested after local law enforcement responded alongside a SWAT team to a stand off.

Police say they responded at approximately 5 p.m. to a dispute between a male and Jackie Lee Johnson, 21, at a James Cross Street residence. They say there was a verbal argument before Johnson fired a gun into the air.

Dougherty County Police Chief Don Cheek says Johnson then fled to a house on Victory Lane; they say they believe the house belonged to Johnson's grandfather.

Cheek says Johnson locked himself inside a bedroom where the family tried to make verbal contact with him but were unsuccessful. Cheek says that is when he made the call to bring in a metro SWAT team.

"After about a three and a half, four hour negotiating period and kind of a stand off period, the negotiators along with the SWAT team were able to get him taken into custody with no incident, there were no injuries. We were real fortunate that the situation resolved itself," says Cheek. "They (SWAT) did an absolutely outstanding job tonight. This is a situation that can get out of hand very easily."

DCP says Johnson is charged with one count of discharging a firearm and one count of reckless conduct. Cheek says he will appear in court on Thursday.

Cheek says no one was injured during this incident. He says to his knowledge the firearm has not been recovered yet.

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