SWAT team kills Moultrie man


Fox 31 has an update on a shooting that had one neighborhood outraged Monday.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation detectives say gunshot was used as a last resort in a Moultrie standoff that left a man dead.

51-year-old Walter Wayne Peterson was a suspect wanted for throwing a brick through a convenience store window.

Police say when they arrived to his residence to question him, he pulled a knife on officers and they retreated for backup.

They say they used a bull horn and cell phone to try and communicate with the man, but he was unresponsive. So they breached a door and tased the individual.

GBI officials say the tase was unsuccessful. After that attempt authorities entered the home through the back and Peterson, once again came at officers with the knife.

He was shot before reaching the officer.

His family drove up from Gainesville, Florida after hearing of his death. Funeral plans for the victim has not been finalized.

Original Story:

Family members of a man who was shot to death in a standoff with Moultrie law enforcement are outraged. The shooting happened in a home on North West 7th Street.

One witness says she stood outside the home and watched the scene play out, not thinking that it would end in death.

Authorities say when the victim threw a brick into the window of a convenience store and left the scene, it set off the sequence of events.

Police arrived to the man's home to question him about the incident but they say when they entered the home, he pulled out a knife and they retreated to call for back up.

"Moultrie PD pulled out and called the Colquitt County S.W.A.T team to come in and handle the situation," said Georgia Bureau of Investigation Detective Steve Turner.

Turner says they tried to communicate with the victim by talking to him and trying to place a phone in his home, but nothing worked and that's when they decided to move in.

"He still had the knife and came at an officer who had come into the back of the house and at that time the individual was shot," said Detective Turner.

Dougherty County Police and Georgia State Patrol officers were called in to control the crowd after the shots fired.

Neighborhood friends say they were there and they aren't buying the story. They say police could have saved the man's life if they had followed protocol.

"You call yourself the law enforcement. You supposed to know the procedure to take. You could have tased him," said a friend of the victim who requests to remain anonymous.

Another friend stated that authorities should have tried to contact a family or friend to try and reason with the man. People who live in the neighborhood say the man was known for having a mental illness and that's why he may have been unresponsive to authorities.

Friends say they can't believe he's gone. They say the close nit community won't be the same without him.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is still investigating which S.W.A.T team member shot the victim and exactly how the whole scene played out.

The victim's name has not been released to the public.