SW Georgians try to shake off Thanksgiving calories

After indulging in turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and of course a little dessert, some Southwest Georgians are heading to the gym in an attempt to shake their turkey dinner hangover.

"People are coming in saying oh I ate to much I need to burn off some calories, you know, but it's a little slower today," said Tony Powell, the Owner of Tony's Westside Athletics.

Gym owners say the low attendance usually last until the Monday after thanksgiving, and new members don't start signing up until the end of the year. One work out group at "The Gym" in Albany said they needed a little motivation to work out today.

"I did not feel like coming, but my mother is an avid work out person, she comes to the gym three times a week so I didn't want to break her from her routine, so I decided to come for motivation for her," said work out enthusiast Leslie King.

These fitness enthusiasts say they plan on staying active throughout the holiday season, but that doesn't necessarily mean going to the gym.

King Said, "If it's nothing but walking or hula-hooping or even playing on my Wii, I love my Wii, sol I also have that, so you know kinda break it up not do the same thing over and over again, but do something fun with it."

For people who are feeling motivated to start working out around the holidays, experts say to take it slow, and don't try working off your entire thanksgiving meal in your workout.