Suspicious package found at MCLB *Updated*

Update: 5:13 p.m.

At 8 o'clock this morning the base received an email alert blast from the Department of Defense asking them to be on alert for a suspicious package. By 8:15 a.m. officials at the MCLB located the package, and a working dog was brought in to double check if they identified the correct package. The dog alerted to some kind of explosive residue on or within the package.

All civilians and marines who work in the administrative building the package was located in were immediately evacuated for their safety. The rest of the base continued operating as normal.

The base's Incident Command Post worked very hand in hand with the Emergency Operation Center and with Mission Control to make sure the appropriate people and resources were brought in to help dispose of the package. The group that actually retrieved the package came from Fort Benning.

Marine police surrounded the building and MCLB Public Affairs Officer 1st Lt. Kyle Thomas says the Navy Criminal Investigative Service is on scene and will conduct an investigation. "We have been in constant communication with all appropriate personnel as soon as we received the email alert. We were able to locate the package in 15 minutes, confirm it with the military dog, and make sure all personnel were evacuated and safe" says Thomas.

The base says the package was not a bomb.

Update: 3:58 p.m.

The Marine Corps Logistics Base has released the following statement concerning a suspicious package that was discovered at the base.

A suspicious package that was discovered at MCLB Albany earlier this morning was found not to be a threat by an explosive ordnance team.

Personnel who were originally evacuated from the building are now back at their workstations.

The MCLB Albany's Police Department cordoned off the area after the package was found and evacuated personnel to a safer location. An EOD team from Fort Benning was brought in shortly after civilian working dogs verified the possibility that there could be explosives in the package.

"We have employees who are specifically trained to deal with this type of situation. We also work with other bases as a team to dispose of any material we may find after we have determined there is a possible threat," said Lt. Col. Donald Finn, executive officer, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany.

No one was injured during the event and the matter is currently under investigation by base officials and investigators from other federal agencies.

Original story:

FOX 31 News received the following press release from the Marine Corps Logistics Base:

"A suspicious package was found at Building 3600, Base Post Office, at 8:48 a.m., Wednesday, Feb. 16.

The Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany Public Safety Division's Marine Corps Police Department is on the scene and as a precautionary measure has evacuated all personnel from the building.

"Our first responders are highly trained and on the scene," said Lt. Col. Donald Finn, executive officer, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany. "The safety of our Marines, sailors, families and base personnel is a top priority."

The incident is under investigation."