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      Suspect named in aggravated assault of Albany officer

      A 19-year-old man is in custody after raising a pistol at a police officer early Tuesday morning.Albany police have 19-year-old Christopher Mathews in custody and charged with aggravated assault on an officer.Officials with the Albany Police Department say that 26-year-old officer Christopher Arline responded to an active alarm at 620 Pointe North Boulevard.Upon his arrival, officer Arline stated that he heard two loud noises coming from Far Horizon TMs Montessori, located at 613 Pointe North Boulevard and saw a white male walking towards Flint Community Bank. At that point, he approached the suspect in a tactical manner with his weapon drawn and gave a verbal command to stop.Officers say that Mathews stopped, turned and raised a black object toward the officer, which was later identified as a .45 caliber pistol. Officer Arline fired three shots and the suspect dropped to the ground and was then taken into custody without any further incident.Mathews is a suspect in several other area burglaries and auto entries at 2810 Old Dawson Road, J. Smith Lanier, Southwest Oral, and 2401 Nottingham Way.No injuries were reported and charges pending against Mathews at this time include aggravated assault on a peace officer, criminal damage to property, burglary, criminal attempt burglary, entering auto, and possession of firearm during the commission of a crime.Christopher Mathews was due to appear in a Lee County courtroom Tuesday morning in connection to an un-related crime. Police say he was wearing a monitoring device on his ankle when he was taken into custody Tuesday morning in Albany.