Survival celebrated on Saturday

Phoebe Putney celebrates cancer survivors and promotes hope for those fighting the deadly disease.

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital opened their doors this morning in celebration of 'National Cancer Survivors Day.'

For the last 22-years Phoebe Putney has held the event in hopes of strengthening patients hope, and building a relationship with the thousands that have been saved.

"A lot of these people have been coming here for years, and for our new patients this shows them that there is hope. We can beat this thing," said Phoebe Putney Cancer Center spokeswoman, Patricia Swain.

But although patients, survivors and caregivers paused today in celebration, officials say the battle is never ending.

"Cancer is so devastating, it's absolutely mind boggling. So to see people get together like this and have fun, laugh, and just have a good time is just wonderful," said Swain.

Those that attended got to enjoy swing dancing, a country music performance, and of course sharing fellowship with those that know their struggle better than anyone.

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