Survey: Southerners packin heat

Male shooting gun at Solo Archery gun range. / Jessica Fairley

A survey released by Gallup reports that guns sales are up and on a steep climb.

Forty-seven percent of Americans report having a firearm in the home or somewhere on their property.

This is the highest number that Gallup has recorded since 1993 and with 54% of homes claiming gun ownership; the south is shown as the leader of the pack.

However, gun dealers in southwest Georgia say they're seeing sales begin to plateau.

"We have not seen a significant increase or decrease. Things have been pretty average," said Solo Archery Manager Philip Colson.

He says although firearm sales typically pick up during the holiday season, there hasn't been much change from last year.

While guns sales remain static, he says the economy may also play a role in the slowing of ammunition sales.

"The best selling ammo and has been for a number of years is the military calibers simply because they are less expensive per round," said Colson.

When broken down by region, the Gallup Crime survey lists the South as having the most homes with gun ownership, but the Midwest comes in second with 51% of households possessing firearms.

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