Supreme Court decision changes death row rules

Supreme Court ruling changes protocol in Georgia. / MGN Online

The U.S. Supreme Court has made a historical decision affecting the execution of death row inmates.

The gist of the case was whether or not one test could determine whether someone was intellectually disabled. This could determine whether someone is eligible for execution.

In the case of Hall vs. Florida, the defendant wanted to show that simply using an I.Q. test wasn't enough to prove whether or not he was intellectually disabled.

"He wanted to show that with additional evidence that even though he had scored 71 that he was still ineligible to receive the death penalty because of mental retardation or disabilities," said Greg Edwards, Dougherty County District Attorney.

The United States Supreme Court agreed. The ruling means changes for all states that use the IQ scoring system. This includes Georgia.

Edwards says the defendant in Hall vs. Florida can now go back to court and his more evidence reviewed.