Super search no mirror of 2010

As Dougherty County school board members search for a new superintendent, FOX 31 took a look at the differences in this year's search compared to the search in 2010.

Dr. Joshua Murfree vacated the superintendent position a year ago, two years after starting a term that caused controversy in the school system.

"The confusion over naming the number of finalist back in 2010, I think that many people in the community felt that there were some unanswered questions," said Bill Sampson, Georgia School Board Association Consultant.

An issue arose that Dr. Murfree was not a top candidate, but still chosen as superintendent. Those with the Georgia School Board Association say there was actually no numbering system. Candidates were placed in three categories; those who met most of the qualifications, those who met some, and those who had the least.

Then, in each of those categories, the candidates were listed in alphabetical order. Murfree fell somewhere in the middle.

Even with his placement on the list it was up to the board to select their top choice.

"I think the biggest difference is that you have a different board. Not that this board is any better or the other was better, it's just a different board and they have different priorities," said Bill Sampson.

Dr. Murfree had years of experience in education but none on the k-12 level. Officials say he didn't have his leadership certificate.

"They had to apply to the Professional Standards Commission and the board had to pass a resolution stating that Dr. Murfree was the best candidate for the position," said Bill Sampson.

He says this is legal but this time around school board members say they want an applicant who meets all the qualifications.

"I'd like to see someone who has been in the classroom who has been a principal and ideally has been a superintendent in another system," said Dr. Lane Price, DCSS School Board At Large.

Experience as a principal, and evidence of sound fiscal management and budgeting is high on this year's list of qualifications.