Super search moves to new phase

Super search continues in Dougherty County. / WFXL File

The time frame to send in applications for the Dougherty County School Superintendent position has officially closed.

Last Friday there were 23 applications sent in for the position but officials say there could be a few more because of delays brought on by the weather.

A team will review the applications based on qualifications set forth by the Dougherty County School Board.

Those candidates who meet all the requirements will have their applications sent to the school board by the second week in February.

"At that time, the board members will review them and they may take several days to review them and once they review the applications, they will decide what their next step will be," said Bill Sampson, Georgia School Board Association.

The Dougherty County School Board will then make a selection of which applicants will be brought in for interviews.

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