Super Bowl brings in business to Albany

Big screen televisions are always popular purchases during the Super Bowl. / Ashley Knight

Super Bowl Sunday has been happening for the past forty-five years and businesses in Albany have been impacted by the big day.

If your favorite team isn't the New England Patriots or New York Giants, you can still enjoy the Super Bowl. Some local businesses are just hoping that you are ready to be in the spirit of the day.

"It's built into a huge event, people are having Superbowl parties and they decorate with all kinds of colors from the team," says Jerry Doyal, owner of Doyal wholesale company. His business has seen a lot of foot traffic because of the big game.

The electronics department at Sears have had some fans visit. Flat screens have become a big to-do for many over recent years but there is one hot item catching eyes for this game day. "The latest and the greatest is the 70 inch Sharp Aquos TV," Sears Assistant Manager Sandra Brown. This TV comes with all the bells and whistles to keep you connected to everything going on.