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      Suntan lotion may make you burn

      Stay away from activities with an open flame if you use an aerosol suntan lotion

      A Massachusetts man was badly burned after he sprayed suntan lotion and returned to his grill to cook - but caught fire instead.

      In our Facebook story of the day you wanted to know if sunscreen was a fire hazard.

      Fox 31 spoke to the Albany Fire Department who says that alcohol-based products, like aerosol sprays, are hazardous when working near an open flame.

      "It can be because the product used to disperse the sunscreen out of the can is alcohol-based and it is flammable. If you're near an open flame you can create a fire hazard for yourself or your clothing," said Sebon Burns, Assistant Fire Chief of Fire Prevention.

      Try to use lotions when working near grills or tiki torches - keep the aerosol spray for beach days and activities with no fire involved.