Sunday shots send a truck into a tree

Suspect's car.


APD confirms that the victim in the crash on E. Tift Avenue is Michael Seymour.

His pursuit of the suspect began in the 400-500 block of Pinson Road.

He spotted the suspect coming out of an abandoned house with his stolen property and pursued the suspect from the point until he crashed at 1402 E. Tift Ave.


Albany police confirm that the green, 1997-98 Chevy S-10 was being driven by the victim of a theft that occurred earlier this morning at approximately 3:45 AM.

At some point, the victim spotted the suspect, who was traveling in a silver Toyota and began following him on several streets (Clark, Mulberry, Carroll, and Maple) in the East Albany area.

Officers were notified by 911 Communications and arrived in the area where, they too, spotted the suspect.

Once on Mulberry, the suspect bailed out of his vehicle and it struck a tree at 1408 Mulberry Avenue.

A brief foot chase ensued and officers lost sight of the suspect at Carroll and Mulberry.

The victim in the green, Chevy S-10 crashed into a tree in the 1400 block of East Tift Avenue and was transported by EMS to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital for treatment.

The Albany Police Department Uniform Bureau is still investigating.


According to a witness FOX 31 spoke with, a green truck was chasing a silver car down East Tift Avenue Sunday morning around 11:30.

The passengers in the silver car fired shots at the green truck causing it to turn around and speed away.

While fleeing from the silver car, the green truck hydroplaned and hit a tree, at 1402 East Tift Avenue, at a high rate of speed causing the driver to be ejected out the back window.

According to the witness that lives at this residence, the driver was bleeding from a laceration on his arm and had glass in his back.

The driver of the green truck stated that he came home and saw the person(s) driving the silver car, come out of his house with his valuables and got in his truck and chased the car.

When the truck plowed into the tree, the silver car turned around and sped off. The witness tells FOX 31 the Albany Police Department found the silver car and stopped it off of Mulberry Drive.

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