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      Sunday alcohol sales take off in Moultrie

      Seeing these six simple words, "we now sell beer on Sunday" will take some getting use to.

      Keria Ellis says, "now we don't have to worry about accidentally selling to someone on Sunday's."

      On Tuesday, Moultrie voters approved the sale of alcohol on Sunday, which could be good news for businesses.

      "We need more money coming into our county other than going out to other counties," says Ellis.

      For three years Keria Ellis has been working at the Shell gas station and says she knows first hand the value behind the new law.

      "I think people are going to buy it today because they can," says, Ellis.

      And when they can, they will. The sale of alcohol began at 12:30, she says good timing for sports fans.

      "Football, baseball, Nascar. Everyone likes to enjoy their alcohol beverages on Sunday along with their games."

      Paul Brown: "I love Nascar, I love football and when I do want to drink I have to go out of town which takes time and money. I want to be able to get it with no restrictions on it what so ever and go home and enjoy it."

      And just down the road at the Chevron on Veteran's Parkway, Tara Williams says the new law helps makes her store a one stop shop.

      Tara Williams says, "more business, truckers come through, visitors come through. Tickets, beer, chips, so I think it's a win, win situation."

      The city of Tifton also approved alcohols sales on Tuesday.

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