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      Sunday alcohol sales is the buzz in Tifton

      As a result of Tuesday's Sunday alcohol sales vote, one of our viewers, @Professor_Hank asked FOX 31 News on Twitter when the Sunday alcohol sales in Tifton will go into effect.

      FOX 31 News went to Tifton to find out, and the City of Tifton Clerk told us the new law will go into effect immediately, meaning this Sunday, you can buy alcohol.

      Tifton officials say it's a good move for the city because with the large number of people from out of town stopping through Tifton, businesses won't have to turn them away.

      Rona Martin, Tifton City Clerk says, "when they're stopping on Sunday for lunch and some folks actually get up and leave and go to a town where they can actually get a glass a wine with their dinner or their lunch so know they'll be able to accommodate that."

      She adds that with the sale of alcohol on Sunday, it could bring more jobs to the city.

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