Sunbelt Expo Field Day attracts hundreds

Pivot irrigation system at Sunbelt Expo farm in Moultrie. / Mike Manzoni

Hundreds of farmers turned out the Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition Field Day in Moultrie, an event that previews the even larger expo in October.

New tractors and technologies were featured where the farmers came to learn about the latest trends in the agricultural industry.

"Field Day is a great sneak preview of the big show in October where you can come see the crops in the growing stages," said Chip Blalock, the executive director of the expo. "We have farmers from across the Southeast, mainly Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Caroline -- I saw one from North Carolina, so we really draw a big crowd from throughout the Southeast."

One of the technologies on display was a machine that controls farm irrigation systems.

"The farmer comes and would start it, and set it off to irrigating and running water, and it will move itself through the field," said Mike Mills, the territory manager of Reinke Manufacturing Company Inc. "It's automatically adjusting the application speed of the pivot in based on its GPS location in the field and the programming that the farmer's done so that's he's applying the right water to the right crops at the right time.

The three-day expo is October 18, 19 and 20. For more information, you can visit their website,