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      Summer showers soak Southwest Georgia

      This summer, it seems like rain has been in the forecast every day.

      Some people enjoy the rain but a lot of people are getting tired.

      Shawn Sutton says that "sometimes it's inconvienent for people but I think it's a blessing."

      Between Thursday and Friday, about three inches of rain has fallen and there is more forecasted through the weekend.

      Rick Sanders says "I know the farmers down here need the rain but too much is too much and not enough is bad; we're kind of caught in the middle."

      For some across Southwest Georgia flooding is an issue and one local resident is worried.

      Bradley Brock says that "it seems that every time there's one drop of rain that falls from the sky," his family's house gets flooded.

      With flooding a possibility, residents should be prepared. To report flooding or if you need help, call the fire department and they will come out to help.

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