Summer boating safety

Schools across southwest Georgia are getting out for summer vacation and children will be headed to the lakes, rivers and pools to cool down during the summer heat. Lee County Elementary held a Progressive AG day to educate students on boating safety while out on the water this summer.

Monsanto believes in safety not only on the job but off the job as well.

More and more kids are heading out on boats to fish and ski. Like many fun activities though, there are rules that need to be followed.

Not only do programs like this educate the students, it also educates their parents. With larger numbers heading out on the boat this summer, everyone should know about life preservers, fire extinguishers on the boat and the proper use of lights so that everyone can have safe fun.

Randy James with the Department of Natural Resources says that programs following these rules is "for their safety and everyone else's safety. The last thing we wanna do is to work a boating accident, so we let them know what they need before hand so they have a safe trip."