Suitcases donated for child abuse victims

LaGrange College students donated items including suitcases for Janaysia's Joy / Sarah Bleau

The grandmother of Janaysia Stevenson was on hand as LaGrange College donated items for the organization with her former granddaughter's namesake.

As a part of their leadership study, LaGrange College students collected and bought items to donate to "Janaysia's Joy" Lily Pad/Dougherty CADA Suitcase Project.

"I appreciate that what they've done and I hope it can go on," says Evelyn Hunt, Janaysia's grandmother.

The goal of the Suitcase Project is to ensure that every child in Foster Care in Dougherty County receives their own luggage.

"So many of these children come here and they don't have anything but the clothes on their back or their small belongings in a Wal-Mart bag and so we wanted to have something they could take with them that would be their own," says Nicki Wilson, a LaGrange College student.

LaGrange students also bought the kids journals to write down their thoughts and feelings as a form of therapy. Diapers, underwear, toys and snacks were also items collected from the community by the college.

19-month-old Janaysia passed away last year as a result of child abuse.

Currently, Dougherty CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) serves 64 children in the county.

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