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      Success during the Christmas holiday

      Small businesses like Blush and Sweet Potatoes children boutique say they had successful sales this Christmas holiday, especially online.

      Shanna Shealy, owner of Sweet Potatoes says the crowds swooped in to buy last minute gifts on Christmas Eve and that her online store was a success. Shealy says, the numbers for our online store actually doubled on Christmas eve. Which was similar for the women clothing shop, Blush.

      Blushed received their rush on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas. Sales associate Erin Walkey says they received thier big rush the day after Christmas because of all the gift cards bought from their store on Christmas eve.

      Erin Walkey says We received a lot of online orders on Facebook as well and we even set it up so that people can order clothes on social media outlet, Instagram.

      Blush expects their rush to stay consistent while, Sweet Potatoes expects their rush to begin to slow down into the beginning of the year.

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