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      Study says consumer outlook is bleak

      In the recent months, a more positive economic outlook has emerged as people feel things are finally turning around, but a recent study shows that August's consumer sentiment actually dropped.

      Though in July the numbers were at a six-year high, the view of economic conditions dropped considerably. Albany native Nathan Bosley says he had a bleak outlook until he moved to a bigger area and quickly found not one but two positions.

      "Now I have two jobs and my outlook is it's getting better, but that's because I was willing to go further out, said Bosley.

      However, others say they're still not optimistic and have cut back on spending.

      "It's basically getting worse because it seems like everything's going up around here and they're not bringing up the wages or nothing like that, said Dougherty County resident John Smith.

      Bosley says he believes the smaller towns have a worse outlook because there are less big-name corporations bringing in jobs to boost the economy.

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