Students want ASU president out

Students protested outside Freeman's office with signs that read "Freeman must go!"

A group of Albany State University students are calling for President Everett Freeman's resignation.

About 15 students say they're sick of Freeman's quote "lies" and protested outside Freeman's office this morning. Freeman was there to face his critics who say they want Freeman out, now.

Albany State Senior Blair Caffey says Freeman has lied about campus projects and most recently the resignation of a high ranking college official. Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Beverly Robinson was demoted to an associate vice president this week. She quit Tuesday.

"I'm not sitting here saying everything that he's done is bad, but even the devil has a little bit of truth to him," Caffey said.

Amidst "Freeman must go" chants from students, he told FOX 31 News that he won't quit, and he's glad the students are exercising their First Amendment rights.

"I don't quit. That's not what presidents do. That's not what any winner does. You don't quit the job," Freeman said.

He would not comment on Robinson's resignation saying "it's a personnel issue."

The students met Freeman in the ACAD auditorium to get answers, but stormed out because they say Freeman wasn't really answering their questions.

The group is planning a town hall meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday night in the ACAD auditorium so more students can attend and voice concerns.