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      Students train to respond to disaster

      Some high school students got some first-hand experience Tuesday morning preparing for careers in the medical field.

      Career Technical Agricultural Education (CTAE) students at Albany High School participated in their annual disaster drill at 9:30 in the front entrance of the school.

      "This is something we've trained all of our CTAE classes on," said Melinda Suber, emergency medical instructor at Albany High. "We incorporate emergency medicine, criminal justice, and our homeland security classes."

      The goal is to train the students to all work together and know which roles each group plays.

      Jeremiah Law played the role of a bomber who was upset about a grade he got received in a math class.

      "Even though I was the bomber, I still had an unpleasant feeling doing this," Law said. "Taking this risk is not worth it and injuring all these people."

      Suber says this event helps to get students career-ready because many want to become paramedics and police officers and she says this drill shows them all aspects of the jobs.

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