Students to get schedules before first day of school

The Dougherty County School System, which has wrestled with truancy in years past, will release student schedules early this year, an attempt to boost first day attendance and avoid confusion.

"[Students can] go to their high school and pick up their schedule, that way they'll be able to go to class on August 1," said R.D. Harter, the school's public information officer. "Report to your high school during the day, and tell them you're there to pick up your class schedule."

Renee Bridges, the system's test coordinator, said many students do not attend the first day of classes. "I would like to think that they would be more prone to show up on the first day of school. Students do have a tendency to want to extend their summer vacation, but we have got to get them into classes on the very first day of school."

She said that while the schedules may not be complete, they will at least list the student's teacher.

Harter said as many as 25 percent of students were absent on the first day of school in years past.

Freshmen can pick up their schedules tomorrow. On Wednesday, students in grades ten through 12 can pick up theirs. School starts in two weeks on August 1.