Student's tantrum ends in handcuffs

Would you put a 6-year-old in handcuffs if they were throwing a tantrum? This is a decision Milledgeville Police had to make when Creekside Elementary student, Salecia Johnson, allegedly began tearing items off the walls and throwing furniture, injuring the principal.

Johnson was put in handcuffs and placed in a holding cell until her mother picked her up.

Milledgeville Police say their policy is to handcuff any person in that situation, regardless of the age. Although Dougherty County School Police have not heard of such a case, they say they also have no age limit on handcuffing.

Fox 31 spoke to local residents to get their opinion on the incident. "As long as it wasn't abusive. When you have a child out of control at home you have to subdue that child," said Harold Mason.

Audrey Milledge also agreed the method was not unnecessary; "This is one way of getting the child under control and letting the child know that this is serious, this is not how you carry on."

Vontresa Stephens disagreed, however, fearing the welfare of the child in the future, saying, "I just feel like it should have been some other way. Some other measure should have been taken. It should have been another restraint because that could last a lifetime with that child."

What do you think? If a teacher is unable to restrain a young child, should the police interfere?