Students start a chain reaction

"Rachel's Challenge" chain reaction wrapped around Albany. / Jessica Fairley

Earlier in the school year, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital helped Dougherty County schools incorporated the anti-bullying campaign "Rachel's Challenge" into the school system.

Rachel Scott, the first Columbine shooting victim, wanted to see people start a chain reaction that would impact the world. Now her vision is making a difference in our community.

At Hugh Mills Stadium, students kicked off an endeavor set to spread city-wide.

What looks like a string of colorful paper from afar is actually a chain containing links that carry acts of kindness performed by students.

"One small act of kindness can help dramatically. You never know what a person may be going through," says Radium Spring Middle Magnet School of the Arts Teacher Jeffrey Boges.

After two months of working on the chains, the students are taking them to the field and challenging others to join in while challenging themselves to set a record.

"Our mission for our "Rachel's Challenge" in the state of Georgia is we will have the longest chain in the United States of America," says Phoebe Network of Trust Director Angie Barber.

One student who is a part of the chain chose to not only help those close to her but she's also reaching out to others in need.

"I wrote that I was going to help people by donating money to a charity," student Jordan Denson.

She plans to donate money to the American Cancer Society.

Dougherty County School System officials say since implementing "Rachel's Challenge" into schools, there has been a positive difference in student violence and bullying

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