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      Students paint, learn at AMA camp

      A student at the Albany Museum of Art camp works on his art project. / Mike Manzoni

      At the Albany Museum of Art, summer camp students draw, make arts and crafts and learn about famous artists.

      This week our session is called ~ID at the AMA, TM and every day they're studying a different artist and they create a rendition of that artists' work, said Crystal Morrison, the camp TMs coordinator.

      The six week program is taught by certified art instructors, and has about 20 students who have a blast.

      I've done painting which I really like. I TMve learned about different artists, said Leecy Davis. I TMve been able to go to the art show and see different art. It TMs really fun.

      Another student, Sophia Hall, wants to be an artist one day. I just like doing art and I came here the first time and I was like, ~I can't believe I TMm here, TM she said.

      But they don't just draw, they also learn.

      I TMve learned about Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Leecy said.

      The camp puts on two art shows every Friday for parents and friends.