Students make the grade

State Superintendent Dr. John Barge and First Lady of Georgia Sandra Deal hear students' praises during their visit Monday / Ashley Knight

Leesburg Elementary students had two special visitors Monday.

Students lined the entryway of Twin Oaks Elementary to welcome State Superintendent Dr. John Barge and First Lady of Georgia, Sandra Deal.

The visit--meant to show support to teachers and administrators.

The two got to see the very unique ways students learn when they visited a music class that had students drumming on plastic buckets.

"They were learning the rhythms and following instructions, directions, that's so important!" says Sandra Deal.

Stepping into math and reading classes, they saw firsthand the effectiveness of the Peer Assisted Learning System.

"I thought it was very interesting, the Peer Assisted Learning, they've been using it since January. They seem to think their students were performing better," says Dr. Barge.

Despite the recent cuts, 50% of the budget is still going to education.

The superintendent's goal is to visit each of the 183 school districts in the state.