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      Students give teachers a lesson on bullying

      Teachers and parents in Dougherty County allowed children to teach a lesson for a change at the first Bullying Summit on Wednesday.

      Student Support Services organized the event with the TeenAge Support Council Organization, a group of students who educate others on the effects of bullying and how to stop it.

      Westover High Sophomore Robert Hudson attended the day to share his story saying used to be verbally and physically abused throughout middle school until one day he decided to put an end to it. Hudson told an adult who was able to get him help while also offering him advice on how to handle the situation.

      He says he now enjoys going to school and is no longer being hurt by others.

      TASCO member Tasia McCartherens says she decided to join the group when she heard about Rachel's Challenge -- an organization created by the parents of Rachel Scott, a girl killed in the Columbine Shooting who - before her death - was an advocate of how positive behavior affects others.

      Phoebe Putney's Network of Trust joined Rachel's Challenge as a way to bring her story to Southwest Georgia and spread her lesson.

      Project Coordinator Eddie McBride says the Network of Trust is doing this by encouraging Dougherty County Schools to fight against bullying by starting the morning's announcements with a positive thought.

      McBride says this will start the day without negativity and teach students to spread positive words.

      Bullying Summit organizer, Barbara Turner, says getting input like this from all sides is why she held the event.

      Turner hopes this will become an annual summit to continue combating the topic of bullying that continues to evolve with technology.