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      Student's future lies in the hands of DCSS board

      The Dougherty County School System held a tribunal appeal hearing Thursday morning for a student who committed a felony act of robbery.

      The student had a similiar hearing with the principal of his school and it was decided that this student would be sent to an alternative school until the next semester (which starts in January.)

      This particular student and his parents decided to appeal this decision to the school board, which every student has a right to do. When this happens the school board members are sent the case, asked to read over it beforehand, and then they hold a meeting to talk about it and decide whether to uphold the principal's decision or reccomend an alternative.

      Dr. David Mosely, the interim superintendent, said in the end they decided the right decision was to send this student to an alternative school and uphold the decision made by the principal. Mosely told FOX 31 that students need to take these things more seriously and know that there are consequences for their actions. Mosely's message to students is that the bottom line is they're in school to learn, not for anything else.