Students draw for Chehaw Park

Photo Credit: From File

Recently, the drafting technology program at Albany Technical College was asked by Chehaw Park to provide some drawings for solicitation of donation dollars to build exhibits. The final drawings will be presented to Chehaw Park on Wednesday, April 11, 2012, at 10am on campus at the Center for Excellence in Technology Building, first floor, room 132.

Students in the Albany Tech drafting program completed drawings of the first project, which includes new flamingo gardens. The goal was to expand the existing exhibit and add height for cage perching. The new exhibit will educe the number of exterior doors, add a double door system to the two remaining doors, add a deep end pool and a second feed and drain pool.

"We are excited to partner with Chehaw Park in providing these drawings," said Chinelo Ochie, drafting technology chairperson and instructor at Albany Technical College. Every program of study at Albany Tech is designed to give students as much hands-on experience as possible in preparing them for the workforce. "Every semester, my classes work on a project in the community," said Ochie. A recent Albany Tech drafting student won a design contest for a deer feeder designed for Albany Sheet Metal. The student is also an intern with the company. Albany Tech students who worked on the flamingo gardens project drawings for Chehaw included: Edrian Mallory associate degree architectural drafting student); Garrin Harvey (associate degree architectural drafting student); and Joshua Johnson (diploma student with dual concentration in architectural and mechanical drafting).

Albany Tech will continue working with Chehaw Park to provide drawings for other projects, which include an Aussie beer garden, kangaroo-emu outback walk-thru exhibit, outdoor flight cage and wandering path, and serval cage.