Students collect cash for cancer

Kendal James and Maria Cerrone count the money they raised for breast cancer. / Jessica Fairley

Two Lee County fourth graders have made it their mission to end cancer.

For the past week, Maria Cerrone and Kendal James asked Twin Oaks Elementary students and staff to donate money for cancer research.

Friday the girls donated the $700 they raised to the Cancer Coalition of Southwest Georgia.

As the students handed over the money, the entire school got involved by wearing pink for breast cancer.

Both girls say the idea came to them while they were in class.

"I drew a picture and I showed it to Kendal and me and her were saying what if we stopped cancer because some of our relatives have died and we wanted it to kind of stop," said Maria Cerrone.

The class that donated the most money won a free ice cream party from Polka Dots ice cream and Dunkin Donuts.

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