Students clown around about reading

The Albany High School Band entertains students at Albany Middle School.

Dr. Joshua Murfree led the students of Albany Middle School in the Reading Pledge as part of the 25 Book Kickoff on Friday.

"We encourage them with their pledge to read anywhere and everywhere they're going," said Murfree.

This year's theme is 'No Clowning â" Just Read.'

The Albany High School Band, cheerleaders, local football legend Antonio LeRoy, and a heavy dose of dancing whipped up the middle schoolers and inspired awe among the younger visitors.

Principal Gloria Baker said that the school's past literacy campaigns have been very helpful to the students.

"Some have been able to improve their reading level at least 2 grade levels within one year by reading those books, " said Baker.

The hope is that getting kids in the habit of reading will make them better rounded students down the road and more successful adults.

"Once their reading level increases," said Baker. "They're also able to do better in their other content areas such as math, science, and social studies."

We spoke with two students who already understand the value of reading, if for different reasons.

"If you get a job and you don't know how to read, you won't be able to really do anything," said 7th grader Dylan Cloud.

"My baby brother, his name is Antonio," said Nadalya Ford, also in 7th grade. "He just got here a couple of days ago and I like reading to him because it helps him to go to sleep and gives him good dreams."