Student enrollment soars at Darton State College

Students flood the halls of Darton State College in 2012. / Matt Prichard

Darton State College may be a small school by national standards, but they're putting up big time numbers. The school announced Wednesday that they've enrolled more than 6,400 students for the 2012-2013 school year, a new all time high.

"We were actually expecting a decrease this semester because of the new admissions criteria we're using this year. And so we were able to implement some strategies and we were able to make up for that decrease, plus add some extra students," said Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs Gary Barnette.

And although this is a new enrollment record for the school, Barnette says he isn't shocked by the desire to study at Darton.

"First and foremost we have quality academic programs, we have a great campus life here, and also the facilities I think are unmatched," said Barnette.

And behind that record breaking number is a growing student body that ranges from online, to on-campus.

"It's exciting to see that growth, it's exciting to see how many students we have that are actually online students, as well as those that are living on campus, and those that are commuting to campus as well," said Dean of the Social Science Division at Darton College Wendy Kennedy.

Kennedy also says these numbers bring a sense of pride that faculty and students alike aren't taking for granted.

"It certainly speaks highly of the programs we offer here on campus, the quality instruction we provide, as well as the student activities. So it's really an exciting time to be a part of the Darton family," said Kennedy.

Last fall, Darton enrolled 6,097 students, and this year they have 6,405 attending this year, which is a five percent increase in the last 12 months.

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